Santa Barbara Children's Theatre

SBCT has several shows available for rent.

Packaged shows are below, but you are welcome to contact us for individual pieces and some specialty props.

If you are interested, please contact us at

 Disney’s Tarzan:

The Broadway Musical

Designed by Miller James


Basic Package: Sets of Adult-size Gorillas and Child-Size Gorillas, Kerchak, Kala, Terk, Young Terk, - INCLUDING WIGS.   Jane: Yellow tear-away dress, bloomers ,2 butterflies, several “ivy” costumes, animals including: Gazelle, leopard, golden tamarind, insects, parrot, Spider,

Also available/negotiable: Pith helmets, Professor garb, Clayton costume pieces, Victorian man and woman, Tarzan’s Man Like Me, Tarzan’s loin cloth (if using FOY flying, they have one that usually comes with the fly gear). Boy Tarzan, several flower/jungle plant pieces and/or instructions on how to make your own. Period boots for Jane and Victorian Lady)

For more pictures and a peak if the costumes in action, click the View Here  tab below. 


COST: Basic package, $2,000.00 plus $350.00 designer fee.

Click on "More Costume Photos" below to view. 

Peter Pan

(can be adapted for any version that you are doing)

Designed by Miller James

Available: Peter (including undergarments to make flying more comfortable) Leaf tunic, leaf pants, leaf shoes. Red wig if desired.

Wendy: light blue high colored nightgown, self lined. Harness – ready for flying

Wendy: Day wear Dress

Wendy: adult floral dress, built-in chest, extra-tall shoes.

John: nightshirt and robe (top hat, glasses additional) Harness – ready for flying

John: Day wear sailor suit

Michael: Pajama, light-blue fleece with brown trim and bottom flap. Harness – ready for flying

Michael: Day wear clothes

Jane: Pajama Harness – ready for flying (page-boy wig available)

Hook Options

Mrs. Darling (evening gown and night clothes)




Many Pirate options

Many lost Boy options

Several Mermaid options (including wigs)

Several Indian options (including wigs)

Mr. Darling Options

 Nana Dog (rented separately)


COST Basic Package: $1,000.00 plus $350 designer fee. Optional items can be discussed. Nana Dog rents for $250.00


Amahl and the Night Visitors

Designed by Miller James




King Kaspar           

King Melchior           

King Balthazar           

The Page


Optional: Shepherds and Shepherdesses including shoes,

Props: Kings gifts, Kaspar’s box, Page’s load.


COST: Basic Package: $500.00, plus $350 designer fee. Optional items can be discussed.

                 JUST ASK...

We have many pieces of shows available. Please let us know what you are looking for, andwe will do our best to help!

Annie, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,Les Misérables, Fairy Tale Characters, Animals, Pirates, Servants, Clowns, Commedia

                           AND MORE!!

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